Be an AWOB Sponsor

Join us in empowering, educating and celebrating women business owners in the Greater Puget Sound area. As an AWOB Sponsor you will be part of a unique community who supports women entrepreneurs striving to take their businesses to the next level. Be an example to these women business leaders of all levels with your support of AWOB’s many offerings across the area throughout the year.

Sponsorship Opportunity

As a year-round Sponsor of AWOB, you will be contributing to a rapidly growing and increasingly visible organization that has discovered and is expanding on an untapped niche of serving women business owners by creating a community of support uniquely designed for their needs. AWOB attracts not only women business owners, but people who understand these women are a key component of our local economy and community. These women contribute to its growth and future. This is an opportunity for you to support their growth. We have three Sponsorship Levels which help to fund the programming that forwards the mission of AWOB. These three levels provide you, as a Sponsor, with a tiered menu of visibility.

Sponsors are featured at our special, annual and monthly events, most of which are open to the public and are highly anticipated by our members. Sponsors are listed on our website and in our marketing and promotional materials.