Specialty food

Abigail Cates, KnifeForkSpoon
2609 Jahn Avenue NW
Suite F5
Gig Harbor, WA

We believe in feeding ourselves real food as much as possible. We also know that we are all human and sometimes not-quite-as-real food tastes amazing. That is precisely why we offer everything from vegan to vegetarian to marinated meats to vegetable sides to decadent desserts.
We work with our food distributors to get high quality food at a reasonable price. We pass that on to you, our amazing customers.
We use only wild and domestic seafood. You have told us that is important and we value your opinion.
We change our retail menu every week so you have variety without hard work.
KnifeForkSpoon was founded on the following values:
Fun, honesty, thoughtful, delicious, healthy, homemade, high quality.
We exist to make mealtime easy. We do the hard work so you have more time do to the things that make you tick. We even help with the dishes!
The “why” the company was founded was to give people back time in their lives so they can do what they love without having to compromise their lifestyle or diet.
This “why” is what propels us forward and challenges us to meet the ever increasingly high bar we set for ourselves.
We intend to do this by being available to customers near and far – in our local Gig Harbor kitchen and on grocery store shelves across the county.
We intend to give back to the community through scholarships and internships for graduating seniors and those perusing culinary education.

Our Philosophy
Work and life should be fun. If it isn’t, we must be doing something wrong.
Food should be affordable.
Every moment is an opportunity to learn and grow.
Food should nourish your body and soul.
Doing what is right is always the way to go. It isn’t always easy, but it always feels good.
Everyone that walks through our doors gets treated with respect and kindness.
Food is important but it should not take so much time it detracts from life.