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Power UP for Impact Conference and Showcase


Monday, August 31, 2015


The rush back to reality has begun.  Summer’s over, school is in session and it’s time to find a jump start that will put us back in the swing of the work world.

Here is a suggestion…

Power UP for Impact is a Conference and Showcase for Women in Business (men are welcome as well). It happens Saturday, September 26, at The INN at Gig Harbor starting at 9 am and features  four dynamic speakers in a full day of information and education, wrapped around a Showcase of about 40 women-owned businesses who are ready to serve.

The day will begin with registration opening at 8:45 am.  Tickets may be purchased on line in advance at or at the door if there are still any available.  There are only 140 seats, and the expectation is that the event will be an early sell-out.

First on the program is speaker Nancy Solomon, offering insights into “How Your Unconscious Biases Impact Your Career.”

“We spend our lives evaluating others, yet find it so difficult to objectively evaluate ourselves,” says Soloman.  “I want us to learn what the biases are that affect us on our road to success, and how we can take charge so that our leadership, career and personal empowerment will reach new heights!”

The author of the acclaimed book, “Impact! What Every Woman Needs to Know to Go From Invisible to Invincible,” Soloman has a B.S. in Special Education from State University New York, Geneseo, and her Masters in Psychology from Antioch University, Seattle.

Following Soloman, attendees will hear from Kerstin O’Sheilds on “Body Language in Business: Gaining Influence Without Saying A Word”.

“The Communication Medium is your body,” maintains O’Shields. “You can learn how to make nonverbal communication drive who potential clients decide to do business with, how posture communicates your confidence and knowledge, and how unspoken social cues will naturally attract people to you and your business.”

A presentation coach, speaker and voice teacher, O’Shields’ 25 years of training and experience in drama and opera honed her exceptional talent at powerfully communicating her roles by nuanced gestures and posture.  From the O’Shields Studio in the Seattle area, Kerstin brings her unique talents and understanding of non-verbal communication to life in a program that impacts how each listener is viewed and received.

After a break for a luncheon buffet, the program continues with speaker Lisa Markman, sharing her insights on how to “Influence For Impact: The Power of Being Positively Influential.”

“Influence is a mysterious force,” says Markman. “We know it when we feel it, but how do we generate it?  For people who desire to have a true impact on their world, mastering the art of influence is a crucial skill set. You can learn to evaluate your levels of influence, let go of power-resistance, and learn how to engage in positive influence practices.”

Markman, who is a Coach, Leader, Consultant, Speaker and the Founder of Jigsaw Solutions Coaching & Consulting, is a co-founder and past president of the Alliance of Women Owned Businesses.  She offers classes, workshops and coaching programs locally, globally and virtually and is currently writing a book entitled, “Get Out of the Elevator: Ditch the Pitch and Connect Authentically.”

The day wraps up with speaker Amber Thiel, asking listeners to consider “Are You Sacrificing Your Health for Your Business?”

“Beyond the workout, what works?” ask Thiel.  “One of your most critical support platforms is your health, but is a workout enough to keep it running smoothly?  How do you avoid the health issues that trip up busy people…stress, fast food and fast meals, too little sleep and too much pressure?  There are ways to cope positively!”

An International Speaker, Author, Trainer, Thiel is CEO and founder of The Healthy Edge, deemed the top provider of the nation’s most comprehensive and transformative lifestyle education program.  The Healthy Edge offers an intensive health coach certification program and currently has certified over 400 health coaches across the United States and throughout Canada.

Wrapped around and woven throughout the day is a Showcase of nearly 40 member businesses, with prizes and gifts for conference attendees.

AWOB is a community of women who share the experience of owning their own businesses that was organized less than five years ago. Their mission is to empower women to achieve higher levels of business success by providing year-round programming focused on education, inspiration and information that is of interest to women business owners.

Tickets for the full day’s event, including lunch, are $89, (AWOB members, $69) and are available online at:  For more information on the Alliance organization, go to