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January Power Series – The Power of WHY

Presented by Speaker/Coach Deborah Olive


Mark Twain once said: “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out WHY.”

WHY are you doing what you are doing right now?

Maybe the question is: WHY are you NOT doing what you love?  What fits your talents, skills, and dreams?

If you are asking any of those questions, it might be time for some clarifying conversation with a coach that can help you find the answers.

The Alliance of Women Owned Businesses (AWOB) monthly Power Series presents Deborah Olive, speaker, Certified Coach and owner of Olive Global Solutions, to introduce the New Year with some ideas for approaching (or confirming) the direction of your professional and personal life.

“Far more effective than writing resolutions is to embrace the tremendous opportunity for positive change at the start of a New Year, and embracing the power of WHY,” says Olive

“Love what you do, so you can persevere.  Know why you do it, so that you can explain it to others in a way they understand.  Present it to others clearly, so that you can attract those to you who believe what you do, and you can join together to pursue it, consistently gain momentum and accomplish it,” she suggests.

Olive will encourage members and guests to discover:

  • If your WHY is hardwired and may not be what you think;
  • How knowing the WHY of your family or work team allows you to communicate “WHY to WHY”;
  • How WHY is at the heart of the emerging purpose-driven economy and WHY it matters to you.


The Power Series happens monthly at The INN at Gig Harbor. This month’s event is Wednesday, January 14, at 5:30 pm and is open to members and first-time guests at no cost.  Returning guests pay $25.  A no-host dinner at The INN’s Heritage Restaurant follows.

The Alliance of Women Owned Business is a membership driven non-profit organization formed for the purpose of supporting women-owned businesses in the Greater Puget Sound region. To RSVP attendance, go to